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<SpiderKand> Apparently there are "hot teens" that want my big cock now.
 <Redlow> I only get chicks with dicks

Wow.. another update.  Im truely on a roll! 

Im really happy to see that the forum has been doing so well lately!  And since I am not an active part of my own site, I took have been dropping by to post my thoughts.  (as scary as they may be.) 

So the poll is closed, and intresting enough there are a lot of you that play the different gender!  I cant seem to bring myself to do it.  Even in UO I act like such a girl.  I would never be able to pull off a male char!  But thanks to all that voted!

A new poll is here so get to voting!


February 5th, 2003

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January 28th 2003

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cleaned up a bit
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